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Everest Exploration Company, LLC is an independent natural gas geologic and exploration firm, that is actively engaged in natural gas prospect development and land acquisition.

Our in-house staff includes title abstractors, landmen, geologists and engineers, who have decades of experience in all aspects of the natural gas industry. All four disciplines are required to determine if an area is viable for natural gas exploration and development.

Every prospect area is reviewed and researched by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. We then work with industry partners to drill for and develop natural gas reserves within the Appalachian Basin.

When developing an area for the natural gas reserves, the process begins with the geologist. The geologist researches an area to determine which subsurface formations are present by gathering and reviewing all data for the prospect area. Everest Exploration utilizes vast amounts of in-house data, obtained from the Pennsylvania Geologic Survey, various state publications, and/or proprietary data.

After careful review to determine the “geology” of an area, the confirmation that natural gas can be found in economic quantities and that a profitable market for the gas exists is obtained from the engineer. The project is then turned over to the land staff.

The land staff is comprised of title abstractors and landmen. The title abstractor determines the ownership of the natural gas reserves under a particular tract located within the prospect area. This involves countless hours of diligent research at the Recorder of Deeds offices located at local county courthouses. Once ownership is determined, the landman negotiates and secures an oil and gas lease with the oil & gas owner. Using a standard industry oil & gas lease, the landman works with the owner to secure the right to drill and develop the natural gas reserves.

This process of researching, reviewing, and acquiring leasehold positions can take many months. Once a prospect area is leased, Everest Exploration works with and develops the area with an industry partner. The industry partner provides field professionals that oversee the actual drilling, completion, and production of the natural gas well or wells within the prospect area. Everest Exploration remains a part of the process by providing geologic (drilling prognosis sheets, etc.), engineering (hydrofracture designs, etc.), and land services (title curative work, right-of-ways, etc.) that are critical to the overall success of the drilled natural gas well on the landowner’s property.

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